22 Dec 2018

UPVC Windows Online – FAQ

What Are A-Rated Windows

An A-Rating is achieved by combining a UPVC Window ( Often made from virgin plastic, That has 3 or more Thermal breaks inside the profile for added efficiency ) Combined with A-Rated glass. Most windows on the market today are more than capable of achieving this and are often sold A-Rated as standard.

What Is A-Rated Glass

A-Rated Glass is usually produced by using two pieces of 4mm glass ( one piece softcoat and one piece standard glass ).

A cavity is then created by what the industry call, a Warm Edge Spacer Bar ( Sometimes referred to as a Super Spacer ) these replace the outdated Aluminium Spacer Bars which are less efficient. The cavity is then filled with argon gas which completes the process.

What Is A Standard Window Size

UPVC Windows come in all different shapes and sizes, unfortunately this does mean there is no standard size.

It is possible to buy UPVC windows at some DIY outlets although there will more than likely need to be some creative trimming and filling involved as these windows will not have to been made to be a perfect fit. In other words, made to measure is better and less hassle.

Do My Windows Require Trickle Vents

If you are having an extension built then the answer is a most likely yes.

If you are simply replacing the existing windows for new ones then a general rule of thumb is if your windows are already fitted with trickle vents then the replacements are also required to have these installed.

If you don’t currently have trickle vents then you may be able to get away without. In either case it is always best to ask your local council first before going ahead without.

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Do my Windows Need Window Cills

Window cills are normally fitted to most windows however you are able to have your windows fitted without cills providing there is sufficient run off i.e A stone or tile cill for the water to drain off of. Window cills come in 4 sizes, 85mm stub, 150mm Std, 180mm Large and 220mm Extra Large.

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