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How Does Double Glazing Work?

Why Do We Need Double Glazed Glass ?

Double Glazed Glass has been widely used since the 1970’s and really gained in popularity during the 80’s and 90’s.

Gone are the days where soaking up the damp from your window cill and eating your breakfast in your long johns and winter coat where an every day occurrence , Double Glazing has become a modern day necessity and is here to stay.

What Is Double Glazing ?

Double Glazed Glass is usually constructed from two pieces of 4mm glass and a silver, bronze or black spacer bar.

The idea between this construction is that a thermal break is created between the two glass panes which slows the transfer of heat from the inner to outer pane.

Spacer bars are filled with Desiccant, Desiccant is a substance which is designed to remove moisture from the air therefore greatly reducing condensation.

Additionally, in the case of A-Rated Glass the thermal break is then filled with Argon Gas which further promotes the energy saving properties of the unit.

Double Glazed Glass Replacement

Glass replacements are usually very straight forward and less expensive than replacing the whole window unit. Quotations through Supply Only Windows And Doors are free.

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