10 Apr 2020
UPVC Windows And Doors Oxford

Oxford Windows And Doors 

UPVC Windows And Doors In Oxfordshire 

Supply Only Windows And Doors are a leading supplier and installer of UPVC Windows and doors based in Oxford. We supply windows to local and nationwide trade organisations and provide an installation service within fifty miles of Oxford. 

Logik S Flush Sash Windows 

 Supply Only Windows are happy to supply and install the New Logik S Flush Sash windows from Eurocell. 

 Logik S Windows come with Thermal inserts and are supplied with A-Rated Double Glazed Glass which is filled with Argon Gas making these new windows one of the most stylish and thermally efficient windows on the market today.

 For more information on Logik S windows please download the Logik S Brochure

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Windows And Doors Oxford

Eurologik Casement Windows 

 A-Rated Casement Windows from Eurocell are the builders choice when it comes to UPVC Windows & Doors.

 These Energy Efficient Windows are equipped with Espag Locking and A-Rated Glass as standard.

 With Energy Ratings of up to A+21 and with a Ten Year Manufacturers Warranty these maintenance free windows will stand the test of time with a life span of approximately 25 years.  

 When searching for Oxford Windows And Doors, install Eurocell windows from Supply Only Windows And Doors. 

Composite Doors Oxford 

Front And Back Doors

 At Supply Only Windows And Doors we offer Composite Doors and Timber Core composite Doors at competitive prices. We have direct links with Door manufacturers across the country to bring the Highest Quality and most competitively priced products straight to your door.

 For top quality and the best priced Composite Doors In Oxford give us a call or send us a message at supply-only@outlook.com 

Supply Only Composite Doors Oxford
Solidor Timber Core Doors
Solidor Doors
Solidor Composite Doors
Supply Only Solidor Doors

 Solidor Composite Doors are one of the most highly recommended Composite Doors on the market today.

 With a 3 Star Ultion Cylinder these Doors are covered by a Solidor £5000.00 Guarantee which guarantees that these doors are one of  the most secure doors made in the UK today. 



14 Feb 2019

Why Do We Need Double Glazed Glass ?

Double Glazed Glass has been widely used since the 1970’s and really gained in popularity during the 80’s and 90’s.

Gone are the days where soaking up the damp from your window cill and eating your breakfast in your long johns and winter coat where an every day occurrence , Double Glazing has become a modern day necessity and is here to stay.

What Is Double Glazing ?

Double Glazed Glass is usually constructed from two pieces of 4mm glass and a silver, bronze or black spacer bar.

The idea between this construction is that a thermal break is created between the two glass panes which slows the transfer of heat from the inner to outer pane.

Spacer bars are filled with Desiccant, Desiccant is a substance which is designed to remove moisture from the air therefore greatly reducing condensation.

Additionally, in the case of A-Rated Glass the thermal break is then filled with Argon Gas which further promotes the energy saving properties of the unit.

Double Glazed Glass Replacement

Glass replacements are usually very straight forward and less expensive than replacing the whole window unit. Quotations through Supply Only Windows And Doors are free.

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06 Jan 2019

Looking For A Glazing service in Oxford ?

Supply Only Windows And Doors are a local Oxford company who can replace your Single, Double Or Triple Glazing . Contact your Glazier Oxford Here for a free estimate.

Glazing Services We Provide

  UPVC Double Glazing Replacement

Single Glazing Replacement

Triple Glazing Replacement

  Sash Window Glass Replacement

Conservatory Roof Glass Replacment

How Much Does Double Glazed Glass Cost To Replace ?

Replacing your glass doesn’t have to be expensive. Depending on the size of the glass and what material your Windows are made from ( UPVC , Aluminium Or Timber ) re-glazing an entire window can cost as little as £100.00 and usually no more than £350.00 as in the example below and is around half the cost of a total replacement Window.

Double Glazing Suppliers Oxford

We are one of the top double glazing suppliers in oxford. We differ from our competition due to the fact we don’t have a shop or showroom, this does mean however we are able to offer our products and services as a discounted rate. Window samples are available on request.

Please contact us via email or leave your questions in the comments below and someone will get back to you within 24 hours.

Online Window Quotation

Please visit our online pricing page where you can design and price your your own Supply Only Windows And Doors. Fitting also available at extra cost. Please drop us an E-Mail with your requirements to Supply-Only@outlook.com and we will call you right back.

21 Dec 2018

How Much Is Too Much  ?

 You need new windows, you have some quotes but cant make out what you should be getting for what price, so the question arises “ How Much Should I  Pay For Double Glazing ? ” and how do I avoid being ripped off.

National Or Local ? 

Is There a difference between the larger national and smaller local companies? Yes !!

National Company’s 

  • Have pushy salesman that are normally on at least a 10% commission for selling the company’s products 
  • Are notoriously difficult to communicate with, especially post installation with small snagging jobs.
  • Start their pricing above and beyond what should be the going rate, but are normally willing to drop there prices to gain a sale ( often more than 50% ) 
  • Products are normally well manufactured and should comply with insurance regulations. CERTASS and FENSA certified 
  • Less likely to go out of business and usually have a quicker turn around time. 

Local Firms 

  • Normally an owner or director of the business will be your first contact who has often had many years of experience in the window industry and can answer all the questions you have. 
  • Communication is often directly with this person so being sent around the houses is mostly avoided.
  • You wont have to practice your negotiating skills here as most local business know everything about their competition and are eager to build there local brand and reputation by offering a fir price.
  •  Products are normally the same if not better than some of the national company’s and come with all the same guarantees.
  • Are normally Certass or Fensa registered. Some local businesses may opt to go through the local council and building inspector for the paperwork side of things,  This approach in many respects is better as it involves a third party who is impartial and non bias so will almost always insure everything is in order however is the more expensive option for the window firm.
  • The worry of your local window company going bankrupt is often negated by an insurance backed guarantee which protects the customer in the event that your local business has fallen on hard times. 

How Much Should It Cost ?

The cost for an average sized window ( around 1200mm x 1200mm ) should cost somewhere between £350 – £450 supplied and fitted depending on ease of access and what type of windows are being removed.

A larger window ( around 1800mm x 1200mm ) can cost anywhere from £400 – £600 depending on the same parameters.

Other Options

Another way to save money and often the more cost effective option might be for you or your builder to order your new windows from a supplier such as ourselves or many other companies on the internet who are able to supply these windows at a lower cost as we are able to broker a better price per unit compared to other window firms or retail outlets.

Builders regularly charge anywhere from £75 – £150 ( Labor Only ) per window and will call on a third party building inspector to certify your windows are up to date with the latest building control guidelines. Having this building certificate is important as you will need this if you ever decide to sell your property.

Get your free supply only window quotation here and see how much you could save !!!