UPVC Windows And Doors
UPVC Windows And Doors

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 Supply Only Windows is one of the top Double Glazing Suppliers Online.

Our A+Rated Double Glazed Windows are manufactured using virgin plastic and can produce Energy Ratings of up to A+21 when coupled with Argon Filled Double Glazed Glass units.

Please see our Window And Door price examples page to see how much you could save. 

 All our products are Insurance approved and comply with BFRC and latest building regulations. 


Note: although we can give advice on up to date building regulations It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure Toughened glass, Fire Escape Egress Hinges and Trickle ventilation are present where necessary.


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A-Rated UPVC Standard Casement and Flush Sash Windows 

Eurologik Casement and Logik S Flush Sash UPVC Windows & Doors From Eurocell. Eurocell are one of the top UPVC Window Profile manufacturers in the UK and are constantly innovating to improve on already stylish and energy efficient windows. With the use of thermal inserts Eurologik Windows are able to achieve Energy Ratings exceeding A+12 while still boasting a standard 60mm frame. 

Flush Sash Windows
A-Rated Casement Windows
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A-Rated UPVC Window Colours  


UPVC Window Colours
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UPVC Window Prices Online  

Here at Supply Only Windows And Doors we offer transparent pricing. Please use the links below to see some example window and door prices. All our windows and doors are made to measure to your colour and specification, please let us know your requirements and one of our team will be available to forward you a no obligation quotation.

White UPVC Windows
Grey UPVC Windows

How To Measure A UPVC Window For Replacement 

Relevant for Most Made To Measure UPVC And Aluminium Windows 
Made To Measure UPVC Windows
What You Will Need 
  • A Strong Tape Measure 
  • Pen And Paper 

Window Measuring Guide

Note: This is a guide only. If you are unsure please get professional assistance. 
  • Width – Take the size of the window from brick to brick ( as illustrated ) Once you have the brick size you will need to take off 10mm, this is to allow for expansion and contraction of the new window and to aid the fitting process.
  • Example. ( Brick sizes 1225mm minus 10mm = 1215mm Order Size )
  • Height – When taking the Height of your upvc window you will need to take into account any window cills in your measurements and repeat the process in step one.
  • Example. ( Bottom of cill to the upper brick, size 1190mm minus 10mm = 11180mm Order Size )
Please visit our home page to view a quick video on how to install UPVC windows.