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Double Glazing Oxford

            A-Rated UPVC Windows

We are proud to be one of only a few suppliers who are offering A-Rated Slim UPVC windows. It is a recurring question among many customers looking for new Double Glazed Windows  ” How Much Glass Will I See ” . 

Modern advances in UPVC have made it possible to keep Slim Sight lines and keep there energy efficiency foot print intact.

Our Slim UPVC Windows have an outer frame which measures only 50mm in the height compared to Standard 57mm or 70mm sections of other frame manufactures. 

Please ask us about this Frame Upgrade when obtaining your quotation and we can asses whether this frame is a suitable option for your property. Some properties are not suitable for this product due to thick plaster lines and internal window boards. 


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A-Rated Double Glazed Glass

Our windows come with the option for both C and A-Rated Glass Units.

Glass units are made up of two skins of 4mm glass which are then both sealed around an aluminium spacer bar to create a cavity.

Cavity’s are filled with either Argon or Krypton Gas and accompany an upgraded spacer bar to generate an A-Rating .

Triple Glazing and Acoustic glass options available for areas of high noise pollution. Give us a call today to discuss your specific requirements.

E-Mail us at or call us on 01865 600 573.


 UPVC Window Colours

Eurologik A-Rated UPVC windows come in a wide range of colours and finishes including smooth cream, Black, Chartwell Green, the all new Slate Grey as well as original colours such as Rosewood, Golden Oak and Anthracite Grey.

 Thermalogic Window System 

Introducing the future of UPVC casement windows. The slim UPVC Window system from Eurologik 70 has much improved sight lines without impacting on performance.   

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